Our Classes

We offer a range of Bollywood, Bharatanatyam dance and fitness classes throughout the week, running on an academic term-time basis. These classes are open to ages 3.5 years and above and all abilities are welcome. Running studio classes at our main base Peepul Enterprise, Leicester and after school club at Leicester Grammar Junior School.


Bollywood dance classes incorporate a traditional and folk style of Indian dance with modern and global influences.

Adults Bollywood

Our short-courses for adults range from Bollywood-inspired, cardio-based fitness classes to intricate routine based Bollywood dance classes.


Offering classes and graded examinations in South Indian Classical dance. Theory and music accredited by the ISTD.

Yoga & Pilates

Our workshop based yoga and pilates classes focus on physical, mental and spiritual restoration.

Class Timetable

Term 1:
Autumn 2023 (13 weeks)

Term 2:
Spring 2024 (10 weeks)

Term 3:
Summer 2024 (12 weeks)

Sept 9th – Oct 15th

(6 weeks)

Jan 13th - Feb 11th

(5 weeks)

April 13th - May 19th

(6 weeks)

Half term 
Oct 21st & 22nd
(1 week)

Half term

Feb 17th & 18th

(1 week)

Half term

May 25th & 26th

(1 week)

Oct 28th - Nov 5th

(2 weeks)

Feb 24th - March 24th

(5 weeks)

June 1st – July 7th

(6 weeks)

Diwali holiday

Nov 11th - Nov 12th

(1 week)

Easter holiday

Mar 30th - Apr 7th

(2 weeks)

Summer holiday 

July 13th onwards

Nov 18th - Dec 17th

(5 weeks)

Christmas Holiday

Dec 23th - January 7th 2024 

(3 weeks)