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Nupur Arts is a dynamic arts organisation based in the heart of Leicester since 1990. Nupur Arts engages with artists, practitioners, arts organisations and people of all ages, abilities and background, to develop, promote and support South Asian dance in Leicestershire & beyond.

Our mission is to enrich lives of diverse audience by connecting them through the richness of South Asian dance in all its forms – classical, contemporary, folk, hip-hop & Bollywood – and bringing them together through a range of arts & cultural activities that reflects the diversity of contemporary England and are unique and inspiring.

Join us for online dance classes!

Join us for the first term back as we continue Bollywood and Bharatanatyam dance classes over on Zoom until the 16th of October. To sign up please contact us on 07801365779 or email info@nupurarts.org.uk


In terms of artistic collaboration, Nupur Arts have been fluid as water. They are so in tune with what your vision is and they will do everything they can to achieve that vision. Each year they step up, progressing from one year to another and really showing what the dance company is capable of in terms of pushing the boundaries of what people see as Indian classical dance here and adding a modern twist to it and trying unique things which is very special.

We commissioned Nupur Arts around the theme of Holi and they came up with spectacular performance that blew our minds away. It involved lot of colour and interaction with the crowd. It was really a nice experience bringing different communities together through this event.

Jiten Anand, Director, Indian Summer, Leicester

“We have a really long and wonderful relationship with Nupur Arts! They have
created a range of projects here at Curve. We launched a programme called
the Curve Affiliate Community Group programme four years ago and the first
pool of organisations we selected into this was Nupur Arts, an organisation we
knew were delivering participatory work in the city to the highest possible standards.

Certainly ‘In the land of Fairypur’ when that show was produced and
performed by Nupur Arts here, I remember sitting with my Chief Executive at
that time Fiona Allan, who is one of the world’s foremost theatre programmer
and producer. She said ‘this is one of the best things we had on this Diwali’!
Which was pretty sensational for us that Nupur Arts carried themselves to such
high professional standards!”

Suba Das, Associate Director, Curve Theatre, Leicester

“Nupur Arts have been terrific partners, working with us over many years, and they are very much valued.

Nupur Arts recent ‘Glowing Rangolis’ project (2016) greatly enhanced the artistic quality of one of the major Diwali events in the city. The exciting partnerships and collaborations in this project offered fantastic opportunity for artists to work with local participants, supporting artist development and engaging a wide audience including communities where there is low participation in the arts.”

Sarah Levitt, Head of Arts and Museums, Leicester City Council

Empowering people through arts, culture and dance

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Nayee Disha

We are offering a number of weekly dance classes, specialist workshops by guest artists and online music and dance performances. All activities are open to the public.

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