Bharatanatyam Workshop by Seeta Patel – 28th October, 2017

Saturday 28th October, 2017

Time: 3pm to 5pm

Venue: Peepul Enterprise

Address: Orchardson Avenue, Belgrave LE4 6DP


Workshop Fees: £10

Workshops will be FREE to those participants who will buy the tickets for Yuva Nartan prior to attending the workshop

About Bharatanatyam:

Bharatanatyam, also spelled as Bharata Natyam, is one of the oldest classical dance forms that originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu in South India. Meaning of the word Bharatanatyam is derived from “Bhavam” means expression, “ragam” meaning music, “talam” meaning rhythm and natyam meaning dance. This dance form was codified by Sanskrit Scholar Bharata Muni in Natya Shastra, an ancient Indian treatise on the performing arts, encompassing theatre, dance and music.

The dance movements in Bharatanatyam are characterized by Aramandi or Ardhamandala, a position similar to a plié in ballet (knee bend position), combined with expressive hand gestures and elaborate facial expressions used in storytelling.

About Seeta Patel:

Seeta Patel is a dynamic young British talent, highly acclaimed for her skill, unique perspective and contemporary presentation style she brings to the beautiful South Indian classical art form of Bharatanatyam. Find out more about Seeta:

To book a place in the workshop, contact Nupur Arts on 07801 365779 or e-mail

Tickets for Yuva Nartan are available at the Curve Ticket Office: 0116 242 3595 or Online:


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Upcoming Event

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